The Kilim Dreaming is now available from Small Press Distribution, directly from Bear Star Press, or signed/inscribed from me. Booksellers interested in discounted orders should contact SPD, or Beth Spencer at Bear Star Press. The retail price is $16/$20 Canada; standard bookseller discounts apply. Also possible to obtain Kilim from Amazon (last resort).

I can offer a single signed/inscribed copy postpaid for $16 anywhere in the US.  Two or more signed copies will be progressively discounted.

The Wire Garden, my Arlo Press companion book to The Kilim Dreaming, is also available as signed/inscribed copy. The Wire Garden is a clothbound limited edition that contains the third part of a trilogy begun in The Kilim Dreaming, and is available (signed/numbered) for $20 anywhere in the US. You can have a copy of both books together for $35 postpaid. Contact me here or at rohilong [at] gmail [dot] com for more details.

Kilim Dreaming jacket

Wire Garden jacket