Flash Prose

In the new Stickman Review 9/2, three prose poems: “Dog Fennel,” “The Throw Pillow” and “Rasa” http://www.stickmanreview.com/V9N2/. Also, four poems about my jazzbo alter ego Robinson in The Writing Disorder: http://www.thewritingdisorder.com/poetryfour.html. If you like those, three more poems from the MS The Republic of Robinson can be read at Arabesques: http://www.arabesques-editions.com/journal/robert_hill_long/index.html, plus another at The Pedestal: http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com/gallery.php?item=15426. Several more Robinsons will soon come out from Dead Mule.


“The Water Doesn’t Stop” and “Onan, Low Tide,” a pair of prose pieces about a couple of low points in my life, are readable at Glossolalia, a lovely Tumblr zine edited by Kristina Havet in Vancouver. If you enjoyed Peter Johnson’s journal The Prose Poem and Brian Clements’ journal Sentence, add Glossolalia to your blogroll: http://glossolaliaflash.tumblr.com/

Because this site is more archive than blog, I’ve decided it makes more housekeeping sense to maintain most of of the literary works here as PAGES not POSTS.

So: Flash Prose and Sonnets, like War Works, should be opened via their Page tabs above the banner. (I will radically edit or delete their  Post-versions to avoid redundancy.)

I’ll add/reorganize other Page- categories in the near future–including, very likely, a password-protected page of unpublished works viewable on request by editors–, and reserve this calendar-dated Post area to note additions to Pages.