The Kilim Dreaming is now available from Small Press Distribution, directly from Bear Star Press, or signed/inscribed from me. Booksellers interested in discounted orders should contact SPD, or Beth Spencer at Bear Star Press. The retail price is $16/$20 Canada; standard bookseller discounts apply. Also possible to obtain Kilim from Amazon (last resort).

I can offer a single signed/inscribed copy postpaid for $16 anywhere in the US.  Two or more signed copies will be progressively discounted.

The Wire Garden, my Arlo Press companion book to The Kilim Dreaming, is also available as signed/inscribed copy. The Wire Garden is a clothbound limited edition that contains the third part of a trilogy begun in The Kilim Dreaming, and is available (signed/numbered) for $20 anywhere in the US. You can have a copy of both books together for $35 postpaid. Contact me here or at rohilong [at] gmail [dot] com for more details.

Kilim Dreaming jacket

Wire Garden jacket


My Bear Star Press editor Beth Ann Spencer writes the delightful blog There’s a Bear There. A few days ago she posted a kind note about The Kilim Dreaming and quoted “Parable of Shadows” from “The Book of Joel,” one of the 4 sequences in the manuscript. Follow the Bear to read on.

The first thing I type here will be the last thing any visitor sees–a parting glance from the bedraggled tail of a mechanical dragon. By the time you get here, I’m on the other side of sunset, some other ellipse in our solar orbit, but Aloha works at any distance–at the end as well as the beginning, no? Or if you prefer, Ciao! Or You say goodbye/and I say hello/Hello hello/Hello hello/HAL

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