This is an ongoing page for photo-images. There are themes or perhaps imagistic obsessions, and work will appear alternatingly abstract and realistic. Taken with a Ricoh GXR (P10 or A12 Leica mount); Panasonic Lumix G1 14-45mm or  20mm pancake; an older Canon A60 P/S;  a so-so digital underwater camera; a Nikonos III.


lei at heiau, Wailua, Kaua'i

Kalapaki Bay

Toad awaiting dinner, Wailua night. The toads knew exactly where the backyard floodlights would illuminate, and waited there for winged things. This one was patient with the 20mm pancake lens a few inches away for several shots.

Palm fronds against the hills, Wailua. An older Olympus 135mm telephoto with a red filter, shot in color mode on the G1.

Portuguese grapefruit, Wailua. Same red filter/lens combination, shot in late afternoon shadow. The effect is painterly. The grapefruit was delicious.

Seth, 28, looking toward Mount Waiele'ele. Waiele'ele dominates the center of Kaua'i. It was our morning view in Wailua. You can see the sunrise in his whiskers.

Orchid, plantation gardens. Recent rain.

White orchid over pool.

Four textures in the path: stones, lava, concrete, greenery. Worship the world at your feet. It 's not just there to hold you upright.

Bromeliad as chalice + radiant wings.

Two male toads competing to drown the female among lilies. Really two of them had jumped in, and the third followed. They were exhausted and none could climb out, so I intervened a few minutes after this shot. How heavy desire can be.

How deeply the female toad's legs drag beneath the surface. The lilypad touches her eye. Both toads appear to be sinking while the lily rises and rises. The male never opened his eyes, not even after I lifted them out and deposited them beneath a cactus.

Cactus thorns. Fearful symmetry. But wouldn't you like to be able to protect your flesh as effectively?

More thorns. Like needles that have each withdrawn a fixed, perfect amount of blood.

Cactus flowers. One engorged, about to bloom, one just sprouting, one done with the cycle, an empty socket.

Cactus blooms. Still unused as a fresh lipstick.

Kwan-yin, Kalapaki Beach.

Sarah, sunset, Beach House

Sarah, sunset, Beach House

Sandi & Seth, sunset, Beach House

Turtle napping, 25', Beach House lagoon

In Convict Tang school, Beach House lagoon

Raccoon butterflyfish, Beach House lagoon

Moorish Idol in the rubble among sea urchins. I can see why any life-form could be idolized, but why is this one Moorish?

Lithified sand cliffs, Poipu

Monk seal sleeping, Brenneke's beach

Crab sleeping forever (nature morte)

Bird of paradise, full fledged, Poipu

dead Bird of Paradise. How like a heron.

The littlest rainbow. Like God is making an intimate covenant with a pod of spinner dolphins or humpback whales a few miles of the coast at Poipu.

Sunset, Mount Waiele'ele

Minutes later, everything is pewter. Mount Waiele'ele dusk.

Spider lilies new

Spider lilies reddening, intensifying their message.

Rainbow sycamore bark, sideways.

Bananaleaf pennants, Poipu

Monkeypod tree foliage, Allen plantation

Kids checking iPhone texts while mom offers H2Oin a petrified sandcave, Poipu.

Portuguese grapefruit, ripe and beyond, Wailua.

Portuguese grapefruit, ripe and beyond, Wailua.


Nikonos III, Brennecke's Beach

Nikonos III, Moorish Idol, Brennecke's

Whitaker neighborhood, Eugene

Sphere/Grid at foundry

X times X

X times X

Rolls of steel, foundry

Squares circles and wrecktangles

Bashful altar

Smoking suite with optional head protection

What did Zoltar do with Santa

Artcars Suck, says Artcar

How many of those 7 cyclists did Artcar get with its raygun (as opposed to front bumper)?

Gascap with tentacles

Eugene Graffiti


2 Responses to “Graf”

  1. Kurt Brown Says:

    Robert: first a musician, then a poet, now you’ve become a first-rate photographer. Come on! Leave a few art forms for the rest of us.


  2. stujoh Says:

    Glad to see that you have some photos available for viewing. I trust you remember our chance encounter earlier in the week by Hendricks Hall where we chatted about Leica rangefinders, 28-135mm Canon lenses and darkroom (among other things).

    I particularly enjoyed “what did Zoltar do with Santa”. A good photograph can be made better with clever captioning; also, clever captions just make me laugh. I look forward to viewing more of your photos (and reading captions). I also have a blog where I write about photos I take.


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